What Now? Growing Subscription Revenue and Evolving Frequency Models

About This Session:

Newspapers saw reader engagement spike during COVID, but how can that turn into subscriber revenue growth for the future? This session will look at the latest strategies and best practices for print and digital subscriber revenue models and how to turn increases in engagement to sustainable subscription growth. Additionally, the session will explore the impact of frequency changes and their real impact on subscriber revenue.

Matt Lindsay, president, has more than 25 years of experience in helping businesses increase operating margins and grow revenue through economic modeling and analytics. His extensive experience in marketing spend effectiveness optimization, customer retention, analysis and predictive models have been used to support strategic pricing decisions, marketing initiatives and customer acquisition tactics, ultimately generating millions of dollars in incremental profits for his clients.

Madelin Zwingelberg works with both domestic and international clients to build data-based econometric models that drive pricing strategies, budget forecasting, retention and acquisition initiatives and yield management for subscription-based services. She has worked with a variety of clientele on projects ranging from newspapers and magazines, both corporate and independent, to movie subscription services. She leads a team of analysts that works with dozens of publishing and media clients to maximize revenue while minimizing costs and potential customer loss through optimal pricing.

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